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EFM Integrated, LLC

We are about developing applications that help our clients with all kinds of planning, assessments, inventories, etc., that support emergency management and facility management issues.  As always, we not only supply the application expertise, but we can also do the actual work.  So, have it your way.

Our services are really about support.  We are able to provide a group of effective applications that support your work and expertise.  You are the experts where the rubber meets the road.  We are the experts at supporting you on the path down that road. Even, if that includes doing the leg work to get work done.

HzVAT is the flagship

HzVat LogoThe Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool (HzVAT) continues to be the show-stopper application. The ability to compile all your plans, assessments, attachments, drawings, etc. into a comprehensive on-line site is unsurpassed. From Hazard Analysis to Chemical Risk Rating, HzVAT is the tool that brings them all together.  All of your plans, all of the time!

And now, have your LEOP on a flash drive for those times when the power is out.  Not just a PDF file, but one that has ALL of your attachments and linked documents!


HzMap LogoHzMAP is now available as an on-line, GIS based, application that can be used to display information such as Zone of Impact, Confined Animal Feeder Operations, and Tier II Chemical site locations to name a few. The map, with its information, is interactive and provides a visual display for quick access and review. The application does not require seat licenses, which makes it easy to share maps with all those involved with emergency management planning. Use it to plan exercises, do what-if scenarios, prioritize site visits, map special populations, etc. Click on the HzMAP button in the menu for more detail. Or call us to discuss how it can help you plan for you jurisdiction.

Healthy Home Manager  (HHM)

LogoEFM has developed the Healthy Home Manager in cooperation with Children's Mercy Hospital of Kansas City. The Healthy Home Manager (HHM), is a part of the Healthy Facility Management (HFM) system which allows you to rapidly assess home environmental conditions and help families create and maintain healthier homes. It is currently published as version 2.0. It is a powerful, web-based, application that allows you to manage ALL of your home assessment activity at once, and to produce extremely useful and informative assessment reports saving you hours of time.

The latest addition is the ability to do assessments without an internet connection. Then, when a connection is available, the user can upload the client assessment to the database. The application is versatile and can be adapted to your specific requirements.  Contact us to discuss your particular situation.  Get more information at HealthyHomeManager.com

The HFM system also includes the Healthy School Manager. Under development is the Healthy Building Manager.

Application Development

EFM has developed a series of applications for a variety of areas related to planning, assessment and evaluation. We are currently working on bringing live inventory to multiple users which provides virtually unlimited ability to sort and search. If you have an idea for what you need, don't hesitate to ask us about it.

To see a more detailed explanation of our general services, click on the Services button in the menu.

If you prefer to talk "one on one" just click the 'Contacts' button for information on how to reach us.

EFM Integrated, LLC

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September 11, 2001