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EFM was formed to help owners and managers integrate computer based applications with everyday planning, assessment, decision-making, inventories, and other categories to support and leverage time and money. The company, headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas, is comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise in facility, technology and construction management, environmental consulting, emergency planning, and assessment in all areas.

Recent advances in technology, new regulations, and security threats have changed the landscape of business, the economy, and how we view our operations and business. These challenges have impacted both government and private industry. The risk and vulnerabiltiy associated with these emerging issues are causing significant changes in the traditional approach general planning and assessment.

Our goal is to produce internet based applications that draw on our experience over the last 30+ years of hands-on work. Most application developments fail because the user cannot successfully communicate to the programmer. We have been filling that liaision position since we set up our first energy analysis application in 1986. We can also bring to bear our hands-on experience ranging through commercial construction, environmental management, emergency response, technology infrastructure, and facility assessments, just to name a few.

We have a unique background which includes experience working on both public and private side projects in all areas. That combination of work provides a solid base to our clients. Our group can supply very unique tools which we will use to answer your questions and solve your problems.

At EFM Integrated, we want to support your efforts with our applications. And should you need us to do the actual work, we can do that also.

If you prefer to talk "one on one" just click the 'Contacts' button for information on how to reach us.

EFM Integrated, LLC

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September 11, 2001